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Baby showers have crept into Irish society over the last few years and not just a little get together.  Fully themed and catered aren't unusual anymore.  Browse our baby gifts section to help you decide what's best for you and your bump. 

Questions & Answers

I've been invited to a baby shower, but I have no idea what gift to buy. What do you suggest?

Buying gifts for a baby shower is fun, but can be a little daunting!
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Baby shower: what are my location options?

Where you choose to have your baby shower is up to you, but there are a few considerations you need to think about.
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New baby: what gift can I give my older child when the new baby comes home?

Gifts are a great way to reassure your older child that they are still special and loved when a new baby is brought home. Here are some suggestions your child will love!
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What is a baby registry, and should I have one?

Baby registries are a good way to ensure that you get most of the things you still need, and none that you don’t.
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How can I make my baby shower extra memorable?

Baby showers are what you want them to be! Use one or two of these baby shower ideas to make yours a memorable occasion.
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What games can I play at my baby shower?

Baby showers traditionally feature games. While they aren’t strictly necessary, they can be a lot of fun!
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