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What are the best sex positions for the third trimester?

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Sex is generally not discouraged during pregnancy, not even in the third trimester, but certain bodily changes can make the experience difficult. Often the end of pregnancy can be uncomfortable and awkward, and getting around the pregnant belly might be discouraging. However, there are sexual positions you can try that should make the experience easier. 
One of the most common suggestions is approaching from behind as this completely eliminates putting any pressure on your stomach or your baby. Plus you will not have to worry about your lover fixating on your body’s changes. 
If you have a high enough chair, this can be a comfortable angle. Sit on the chair and your lover can kneel or stand in front of you, depending on the chair’s height.
You being on top and in charge allows you to reposition as needed for your comfort and keeps pressure off your growing belly.  
A couple of more suggestions: try a position where you are both laying on your side. You can get creative with that position. Or try propping yourself up with pillows on the bed while he stands on the edge. You could rest your feet on his knees to avoid the extra burden of holding them up.
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