Baby ready: This is what you definitely do (and don’t) need in your hospital bag

Packing your hospital bag is one of the most exciting preparations you can make before welcoming your new bundle of joy into your life. 

However, it can also be a stressful experience, especially if this is your first child and you have never had to prepare a hospital bag before.

To help ease any confusions you might have about packing your hospital bag, we have devised a list of a few items that we think you definitely do (or don’t) need to bring with you when the time comes.

Of course, this is not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario - every mum will have different needs, and there might be a few things on this list that you would never consider bringing. Nevertheless, we hope this helps soothe your worries:

You should definitely consider…

Nappies and wipes - the first essentials, of course!

Breast pads - regardless of whether or not you intend on breastfeeding, you will still need these.

Comfortable clothes - trust us, the last thing you will want to be wearing after giving birth is a pair of your tightest jeans. Be sure to include comfortable and free-flowing clothing to make your journey home as easy as possible.

Car seat - an absolute must to take your little one home with you.

Snacks - it’s possible you could end up being in the hospital for a few days, so it’s best to have a few snacks with you. As well as the traditional energy bars, we would also recommend including melt-in-the-mouth sweet treats, so that minimal chewing is necessary.

Maternity pads - don’t make the mistake of bringing ordinary sanitary pads with you!

Big, black pants - the perfect partner to those maternity pads.

Phone charger - again, you don’t know how long you and your partner will be in the hospital for. Make sure you have the necessary phone chargers on you to both keep yourselves entertained, and to keep your loved ones updated with any news.

Toothbrush and toothpaste - for those overnight stays!

Nighties - when it comes to pyjamas, we would recommend bringing some nighties with you instead of a pyjama set. Pyjama sets can be uncomfortable after giving birth, especially if you have had a C-section. Nighties will feel much more freeing, and will also make life easier for medical professionals when they need to examine you.

Music playlist - this last item is more optional, but many say that they find soft and gentle music to be soothing and welcoming as they give birth. Plus, the joyful experience of bringing your first child into the world will add a deeper meaning to your favourite tunes.


There’s no need to bring…

Endless baby grows - we understand that the fear of underpacking is real, but trust us - there’s no need to bring 10 baby grows! A couple of them will be plenty.

Makeup products - yes, it would be lovely to look glam throughout your hospital stay, but will you really want to apply thick foundation and a winged liner during contractions, or after giving birth? Probably not.

Lots of skincare - of course, pack a simple cleanser to use as normal, but don’t bother bringing any fancy lotions and potions. Your eye creams, toners and body lotions can wait for you at home!

Perfume - let’s face it, you’re going to be feeling unclean throughout your labour experience. However, perfume won’t solve the problem, so it would be best to leave it out of the bag. A bit of deodorant will do just fine.

Candles/reed diffusers - again, the idea of them is nice, but they are not essential. 

Books/TV shows/films - unless you are being induced, then chances are you won’t have a lot of (comfortable) spare time, and so we wouldn’t stress about bringing lots of things to keep yourself entertained. Plus, once your newborn has arrived, all of your attention will be on them!