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How do I build a fun nursery on a tight budget?

Are you wondering just how on earth you can create a cute and safe nursery with limited funds? In spite of what you might think, it is possible, and here’s how you do it:

First, you need a budget. Set a realistic budget that you can afford to spend on your baby’s nursery. This could be a lump sum or an amount every month until the birth.

Decide on the expensive items, like furniture, that you absolutely have to have – you can make do without some of the fancier gadgets and decor for now, but a crib is not negotiable!
Shop around to find the best deals on the items you have to have, like furniture, prams and car seats. 

If you haven’t already decided on a theme, do so. Once you have decided on the theme, you can go about buying decor items and other accessories. 

Of course, this seems like a very logical way to buy all the things you need for a safe and fun nursery for your baby. Be warned, however, a trip to a baby store is like a bombardment of cute! Make sure you go with a definite list, or you may find your budget disappearing before you know it! 
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