Wondering if you're pregnant? Not having regular periods can often leave women guessing whether they are expecting or not. Apart from missing your period, if you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you just might be expecting.
However, keep in mind that while some mums-to-be start showing signs of pregnancy from the second week; for others it may not be until week four, five or even six. In a minority of cases, mums may not have obvious pregnancy symptoms.
Feeling sick
Morning sickness is a common problem for expectant mothers. Thankfully, it usually subsides by the second trimester.
Stomach cramps
Experiencing stomach cramps can be a sign that your uterus is expanding for the baby.
If you're exceptionally moody lately, this could be due to the hormone changes your body goes through during pregnancy.
Sore back
A sore back can often be a sign that your ligaments are loosening in preparation for carrying the extra weight and eventual labour.
Feeling tired
Suddenly feeling exceptionally tired can be a sign of early pregnancy. Fatigue and exhaustion are common in the first trimester, but, thankfully, they usually disappears by the second trimester.
Shortness of breath
Shortness of breath can be caused by the baby needing your oxygen. Unfortunately, finding it difficult to catch your breath can continue throughout the nine months.
Tender breasts
If your breasts have been feeling a little sore to touch lately, have you considered that you might be pregnant? As milk begins to develop, your breasts will grow and it can be a little sore.
Experiencing headaches
Headaches are another result of ever-changing pregnancy hormones.
Needing to pee a lot
During pregnancy, your bladder fills up a lot quicker, meaning you will need to urinate more often than normal. Take note of how often you're going to the toilet, as you may actually be pregnant.
Food cravings
Have you been craving some unusual foods lately? You might very well be expecting.
While these symptoms are a sign of early pregnancy, the only way to confirm it is by either taking a pregnancy test or booking an appointment with your doctor. In the meantime, make sure you take care of yourself until you are sure.