It’s a phrase that we hear so often, but what actually is ‘cop on’?
Author and psychotherapist Colman Noctor aims to educate parents everywhere on the subject, with his latest book Cop On: What It Is and Why Your Child Needs It To Survive and Thrive In Today’s World.
MummyPages’ Mum-in-Residence Laura Haugh recently sat down and chatted with Colman about his new book and the five aspects of raising a ‘copped-on’ child.
Describing his new book as a guide on what to be mindful of when raising our children, rather than a how-to, Colman outlined the various aspects that parents need to take into consideration with their little ones.
The first aspect is Containment – the sense of your child feeling absolutely safe and able to rely on you, the parent; followed by the Structure aspect, which is all about striking a balance when it comes to structuring your child’s life.
The third aspect of Colman’s approach is Validation - essentially letting our children know that they are heard; while aspect number four, Involvement, is all about how to involve our children in the decision-making process, to prepare them for adulthood.
The fifth and final aspect of Colman’s approach is Support, which entails supporting our little ones through thick and thin.
As Colman says, parenthood can sometimes be about failure, but in the absence of a ‘perfect’ parent or child anywhere in this world, the important rule is to teach yourself how to ‘fail better’.
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Check out the full interview in the video below.
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