Baby shower etiquette: What not to bring

Baby showers are starting to become an almost rite of passage to the role of motherhood, with more and more mums-to-be organising their own or getting someone else to step in! 

A great way to get the girls together, eat plenty of tasty food, play fun and embarrassing games and coo over cute baby clothes, sure what’s not to love!


However, if this is your first shower, you might not be clued up on what you should and shouldn’t bring! While gifts and food are always accepted, there are a few things you might want to leave at home.


Remember, if in doubt, leave it out!


1. Wine

The last thing mum-to-be wants to do is watch her friends getting a little tipsy while she’s left with the ham sandwiches. Stick with the 7Up or tea. 



2. Second-hand items

We are not knocking second-hand items (sure our own homes are full of them) just don't bring them to the shower. As you reminisce on how your own baby used to fit into that teeny, tiny outfit, Mum-to-be might start to feel like you are stealing her limelight. 



3. A cheese platter

Unless mum doesn’t like cheese and won’t feel like they are being taunted, your best bet is to leave this for after baby's birth.



4. Seasonal items

A Santa baby grow is cute but they’ll no doubt get at least five of them. 



5. Gifts you didn’t want

We are all for recycling unwanted gifts but just make sure whoever gave it to you is not going to be at the shower... 



6. Balloons

We know they’re hard to resist but Mum and Dad will already be tripping over Baby’s stuff without adding a balloon to the mix...



7. Teddies and toys

Mum needs practical items, not stuffed bears that their little one won't be able to play with. They make pretty good dust catchers though...



8. Empty hands

You don’t need to buy a gift, but the last thing you want to do is turn up empty handed - sandwiches and crisps always go down a treat. 



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