If you are pregnant with your first child, then the idea of babyproofing your home might be an overwhelming concern. Where does a new parent start and what is absolutely essential when babyproofing your house?

Babyproofing is just as essential for parents as putting together a nursery, if not more so. Many parents put off the babyproofing until their infant has begun to move around. However, it is never too soon to put together a babyproofing checklist and begin to collect the supplies needed. It works best to go room by room. Get down on the ground so that you can view the room from a child’s level. You can be sure that anything the child can reach will be touched, placed in your baby’s mouth, thrown, kicked or poked at.

Remove any item you do not want your child to play with. Make a list of all electrical outlets, blind cords, and furniture that needs to be bolted down. Lock away any chemical, toxin, cleaner or liquid that would be harmful if played with or swallowed. Put away anything sharp. Furniture like bookcases and dressers can be pulled down on top of children if they try climbing on it – bolt them to the wall. Gate any stairways that are accessible or rooms you want close off. Place locks on doors and lids on trash cans. Cupboard and drawer locks are available so that little hands can’t get into dangerous places that are lower down.

To avoid the dangers of SIDS, keep all pillows, blankets and stuffed animals out of your baby’s sleeping area. Put together a list of emergency phone numbers to keep at hand including your doctor, health nurse, and nearest children’s or general hospital.