Pregnancy is such a personal time for women, and they just want to enjoy it without the added stress of nosy co-workers, the 'insightful' pal, or know-it-all Aunt Fidelma butting in.


Besides telling them they look great, if you have nothing that’s actually nice to say, don’t say anything at all.



You may have all the best intentions in the world, but asking someone if they will go back to work after the baby is born, or if they’d prefer a girl or a boy is both archaic and none of your business.


So is their feeding choice. This is so personal, and women choose what is right for them.



Just yesterday, reality star and mum-to-be Lauren Conrad revealed what she absolutely doesn't want to hear during her first pregnancy - and we sent a virtual high-five her way.


Inspired by Lauren's honesty, here are 10 things we think you should NEVER say to a pregnant woman:


1. "Can I touch your belly?"

Would you ask to touch their bum?


2. Telling them what to eat or drink

Their doctor will already have filled them in, thanks.



3. "Breastfeeding or formula?"

A policeman wouldn’t ask you that!


4. "Are you having twins?"

Yep, this is the 'fat' card – steer clear of this.



5. "Are you planning on having any more?"

Can I get over this one first? Thanks!


6. "Finally!" or "It's about time!"

Sorry, I didn't know my family-planning schedule affected you so much.



7. "Don't"

'Don't lift that box', 'Don't stretch', 'Don't get up' - blah, blah, blah. I'm pregnant, not incompetent!


8. "Was it planned?"

NONE of your business.



9. "Have you picked a name yet?"

No; and even if I had, I wouldn't be sharing it until the baby is born.


10. "I heard this awful birth story..."

Don't share birth horror stories - yours, or your friend's, or your auntie's, or anyone's, for that matter. Mums have enough stress. 



If nothing positive springs to mind, keep your lips zipped.