With Lent kicking tomorrow, we’ve been scratching our heads trying to think of something to part ways with.


And we’re not the only ones.


Our little ones are now getting in on the fun and looking for something to give up for a few weeks.


While sweet treats and other foods are an obvious choice, we’ve got a list of alternatives that the whole family are going to try and do without this lent.


1. Screen time

We’ve been told often enough that looking at screens before going to sleep is not a good thing; so, for the next few weeks, why not turn off your TVs an hour earlier?


2. Fight ban

We love the idea of challenging our kids not to argue with their siblings. Using Easter eggs as a reward, we would do anything for a bit of peace and quiet.


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3. Charity starts at home

Forget about giving up, and try giving away. This is a great time to have a clear out, and give some of your family’s unloved goods to a better home.


4. Cut down on takeaways

While it may be the weekly treat you look forward to, cutting down on takeaways will help you save money and encourage you to stretch your culinary muscles.


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5. Simple gestures

Daily challenges can also be a good way to embrace Lent. Doing something every day, to show someone in your family what you mean to them, is such a great idea. From words of thanks, to saying 'please' and 'thank you' – this is one everyone can get involved with.


6. Family meals

It’s easy to slip into a routine of taking your dinner to your favourite corner of the house, but for the next few weeks, try and get the family to sit together for just 30 minutes while enjoying some tasty grub.


7. Shout-free zone

Becoming a mum means realising your voice can reach a pitch you never thought possible. We love the idea of introducing shout-free zones in the home, for both Mum and her little ones.


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