Sonia Buckley from Australia has taken to Facebook in a bid to raise awareness of ADHD and to defend her son, Billy, who is often called a bully.


The mum from Victoria explained how her son is labelled the "naughty child" in school and that kids are quick to judge him.


Explaining how Billy is not invited to friends’ houses, parties or even just to hang out, Sonia says in her six-minute video: “Its so sad to see your child not be invited to other children’s birthday parties or friends’ houses for sleepovers or even just to hang out."


“It breaks my heart. Sometimes he comes home crying saying he hates school and he has no friends.


“People think Billy is a bully but he doesn’t understand the world and the world doesn’t understand him. I see a beautiful boy lost in a judging world," she said through tears.



The video has been viewed an incredible 58 thousand times, and touched a lot of Sonia’s fans many of which were quick to thank her for posting it on her site.


“On ya Billy's mum.. I hope he is now getting supported in school.. well said [sic],” wrote one.


One commenter who had experienced the same isolation that Billy does now, took the time to wish the youngster all the best.


“This hits me so hard. Because I've got the same disability as this young fella called Billy. I was always the one left out at school or picked on. Still to this day I have no friends," wrote Jario Cunningham. 


"My school always would say I'm the reason for my behaviour, which I was. But they didn't understand that I didn't understand and didn't learn as quickly as others.


"And because of that I dropped out of school, and my life went down-hill, but now I'm an apprentice spray painter, spraying trucks. There is hope for young kids like Billy and like me. 

"F*** everyone who doubted us. I wish Billy luck and he will get through it because I did. Never stop trying mate!"



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