Blanchardstown Centre launches new changing facilities making it even more accessible

Blanchardstown Centre has installed a state-of-the-art Changing Places toilet facility that includes features and equipment making it more accessible for people with disabilities and additional physical needs.

This facility will provide people with disabilities and their families a safe, dignified fit for purpose environment in which to care for their loved ones. The new Changing Places facility represents a significant step forward and is a positive contribution to the full inclusion, equality, and rights of disabled people within our community and Blanchardstown Centre.

“We worked closely with Disability Advocates in the Community to understand their requirements and deliver a facility that is befitting their needs” said Joe Gavin, General Manager of Blanchardstown Centre.

This is a wonderful addition to an already terrific shopping centre with this move ensuring it is a family shopping centre of choice for many this Christmas and beyond.  Well done to all involved.