Rebecca Coogan and Lee Myatt have their four-year-old son Taylor to thank for their lives after he did everything in his power to draw their attention to a gas leak.

Taylor, who lives with autism and is unable to speak, attempted to communicate the potential danger to his parents who were initially unfazed by their child's behaviour.

Explaining that their little boy had been out of sorts, Rebecca said: "Taylor hasn't been very well so when he came in I just tried to put him in the middle of us, but he wouldn't settle at all."

Upon rattling the child gate at his bedroom door, Taylor desperately tried to draw his parents' attention to the smell of gas, but was unable to get his message across.

After refusing to settle down, Taylor began pointing at the stairs in an effort to get his father to go downstairs in the home they share in Stoke-on-Trent to investigate.

After realising his son was trying to communicate something very important, Lee eventually realised that there was a leak emanating from the family's cooker.

Following the instructions issued by the National Grid's emergency services, the family avoided a potentially life-threatening disaster, with Rebecca revealing: "The first thing I do in a morning is light a candle. I dread to think what might have happened if it wasn't for my little hero Taylor."

Commenting on her son's determination, 31-year-old Rebecca surmised: "I don't know how he knew something was wrong, I guess it was just his instincts. But there's no doubt that in my mind he saved our lives."

Well done Taylor!