An annual report into the committee who monitor the Garda Juvenile Diversion Programme has shown that nearly one in 10 of all reported crimes in Ireland are committed by children.


More than half of all car and bicycle thefts were committed by under 18s as well as over 50% of all trespass offences, unlawful collections, arson, fireworks offences and robberies from a person.


With the highest number of underage offenders having committed theft, breach of public order and damage to property, making up more than 60% of all crimes by a juvenile.



The Garda Juvenile Diversion Programme was introduced over a decade ago and this year’s report shows the lowest level of young people being referred since it began.


Garda sources believe the reduction in these numbers is due to better education levels and lower consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.


The report showed that 75% of children involved in a criminal offence were accepted onto the programme with 70% of those people coming in contact with the programme for the first time.


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