Sexism is one of the most oppressive aspects of modern society, so it’s no surprise to see that parents have taken to social media in their droves to complain over a GAP advert today.


The clothing giant has been accused of sexism this week, in connection with a new ad portraying little girls as ‘social butterflies’ and little boys as ‘scholars’.


The new GAP Kids campaign features a little girl wearing glittery cat ears, a pink-and-white jumper and a preppy shirt; an outfit that will apparently make her ‘the talk of the playground’.



When it comes to the little boy wearing the Albert Einstein shirt, however, the ad promises that his ‘future starts here’, with an outfit to equal his own ‘genius’.


Once the campaign was shared online, it sparked fury among social media users, with many calling out the company for perpetuating these outdated gender norms.


“It’s 2016 for crying out loud. 2016. Why are we still putting outdated sexist tropes on the women of the future?” tweeted one angry social media user.



Others, meanwhile, branded the campaign ‘appalling’ and completely at odds with equality movements.


A number of people, however, can’t seem to get over the irony of the fact that ‘Einstein’ has been woefully misspelt on the advert. Yikes!



“Ha! I didn’t notice GAP’s horribly sexist ad for kids also managed to misspell ‘Einstein’ for the ‘scholar’,” tweeted one rather amused commentator.


What are your thoughts on the ad? Do you think it’s sexist? Are you offended?


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