There’s a reason why The Notebook is such a classic: it tells the story of a deep love that could not be broken by time, illness or even death. It’s clear that the story of Margaret and Don Livengood will never be forgotten either, by all whose lives they touched.


The couple, who were married for 59 years, warmed hearts all around the world this week as word of their amazing love story went viral.


Margaret and Don passed away on 15th August, in the very same room of the same hospital, ‘holding hands’.


Their daughter, Pattie Beaver, told People: “Their love was so precious…But it was the sweetest, most precious thing you can imagine to see them holding hands in the hospital.”



Margaret, aged 80, was battling cancer, while 84-year-old Don was struggling with breathing problems from pulmonary fibrosis and bilateral pneumonia.


Having been admitted to hospital at around the same time, staff quickly moved the Livengoods into the same room.


“Once they were together, it was just that sense of everything was going to be OK – we knew because they were together,” added Pattie.



Both went on to pass away on 15th August; while Margaret died at 8am that morning, Don passed on just after 5 o’clock that evening.


The doctor who treated the Livengoods admitted that he and his team would never forget the couple and their incredible bond.


We’re thinking of the family at this difficult time.


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