We sometimes complain that dads don't remember special occasions.


But every now and again, there's a dad who does something so special, it puts everyone else to shame!


Josh Rossi is one of those dads. A photographer by trade, he loves creating fantasy shoots in which his little girl, Nellee, is the star.



Nellee has already starred as Wonder Woman and Red Riding Hood in his photoshoots.


For Valentine's Day, Josh decided to recreate Nellee's latest obsession, Beauty and the Beast


He even managed to get a designer to donate a beautiful replica dress, exactly like Belle's. 


For fun, he cast himself as her beau in the dancing scene, which made little Nellee's day.



To preserve the memory, he decided to make an enlarged portrait version, which he gave Nelle on Valentine's Day morning.


“I wanted to give that to her because it represented my love for her and how special she is to me,” Josh told People Magazine.


“I want her to have something that represents the relationship she and I have,” he said.


“A normal photo doesn’t do it for me. I’m constantly taking photos and videos to try and hold on to each moment spent with her.”