For those who already suffer from a skin condition like eczema, there may be some concern over how pregnancy may affect you. The truth is it is unpredictable. It could make your eczema worse, better, or not affect it at all. In fact, the treatment for eczema during pregnancy is the same as the treatment prescribed for anyone else.
If you are currently using a steroid cream to handle your eczema then you need to try to use as little as possible during your pregnancy. The stronger the steroid cream, usually prescription strength products, the less you should use it. Stop using your steroid creams for prevention and focus only on treating patches that have already developed. Avoid steroid tablets entirely.
To try to prevent new patches of eczema, try to limit your bath and showers. When you do bath use emollients in place of traditional soap. This will help coat your skin with extra protection. Moisturise like crazy! Do not scratch, no matter how itchy.
If you are still suffering, ask your doctor about an antihistamine prescription or if they have an additional advice. Now is not the time to try new products or take unnecessary risk without consulting your OB.