Picture the scene: today is the day you will FINALLY bring the family out to a restaurant, but you are nervous about your toddler's behaviour.


We have all been there, so don't worry. 


There are a number of handy tips for dining out with toddlers, that will help to make it a smooth and enjoyable experience. 


You're welcome:


1. Colouring is king

Distraction will ultimately be the key to a successful meal, so arm yourself with things for the kiddies to play with. 


We suggest crayons and colouring books - a crowd pleaser. 


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2. Pick your moment carefully 

Try and plan your dining experience around your little one's routine. Aim to head to the restaurant just after a nice nap, around their usual dinner time.  They'll be less cranky that way. 


3. Leave a tip

Serving tables can be difficult at the best of times, but when tots are involved it can be particularly stressful. 


Tip your waitress well, and you'll be welcomed back with open arms next time. 


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4. Check the menu first

There is absolutely no point in heading out for a meal if there is nothing kid-friendly on the menu. 


Be sure to look up the restaurant's menu before you leave the house. 


5. Walk around while you wait

After you place your order, take your little bub for a stroll outside to avoid restless behaviour.


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6. Call ahead

This one is so important. When you have chosen a restaurant, make sure to call them and enquire about high chairs and other kid-friendly must-haves. 


7. Bring supplies

It is pretty likely that your kid will decide they don't like restaurant food, so make sure you have some of their favourite snacks in your bag. 


Hell hath no fury like a hungry toddler! 


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8. Practice at home 

Fun idea: practice restaurant dining at home with your kids, to avoid any disasters in public. 


Set up your dinner like a restaurant, serving your kids and taking their order. It is fun, and will prepare them for the dining experience. 


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9. Bring your own cups


Avoid spills and smashed glasses by bringing your own, PLASTIC sippy cups. 


10. Respect other diners


It is really important to acknowledge the fact that your kids are probably annoying other diners (you may not want to admit it, but its true). 


Be mindful of the other people in the restaurant, and if a tantrum starts to erupt you should prepare to simply pay your bill an leave. 


Better luck next time, right? 


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