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Eyes running with a cold: is this normal for a child?

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Eyes that run are one of the more common symptoms of a cold. This is particularly true when your toddler has mild to severe infection of the sinuses.

Usually, running eyes will sort themselves out as the cold runs your course, although your doctor may prescribe something to treat the infection that causes it.

In the mean time, you can make them feel more comfortable by cleaning their eye area and face with soft tissues regularly. Be cautious about touching your own eyes though – you can catch your child’s cold this way!

If the discharge from your child’s eyes changes, and becomes sticky or yellow, then it’s best to refer to your paediatrician. There may be a secondary eye infection to deal with, and your child may need antibiotics or some other form of treatment.

Make sure that you wash your own hands thoroughly after applying any treatments, and avoid using towels or other items that you would use yourself. You may spread the infection to yourself!
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