Most of us remember the first time we were left at home alone as teens.


The sheer feeling of liberation we got from waving goodbye to our parents as the family home became all ours for the evening.


Well, as parents there is not-so-much a feeling of joy more a feeling of dread leaving teens at home by themselves.


For this mum the worry was all too real so she made very sure she left clear instructions for her two teens that she was leaving at home for the night.


Creating personalised notes for each child, this mum knows her kids inside-out and had them both warned of the consequences if they were to break the rules while she’s gone.



The opener to her letter pretty much sets the tone for the whole thing as she says:


“I love you both very much but let’s face it, you’s are a**eholes!”


The full letter goes as follows:



Son Robbie shared the note on Twitter with the caption:


“Where your ma and da are going on holiday and have trust issues.”


With over 13,000 likes and nearly 7,000 retweets it looks like many found this as hilarious as we did.


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