From photo booth surprises to cake announcements, we have been extremely touched by some of the beautiful ways in which parents-to-be have been sharing the wonderful news of their pregnancies in recent times.


And while every announcement is special, we think we have to agree with filmmaker Bryan Canatella that his stunning DVD surprise garnered one of the best reactions we have ever seen.


Bryan, who is a professional wedding filmmaker from Texas, decided that he wanted to add the personal touch to the announcement that he and his wife Caryn are expecting.


Creating a DVD containing beautiful footage of the Canatella family throughout their childhood, he presented it to his excited mother on Christmas Day, under the pretence that it was just a regular DVD.


Bryan then separately recorded the family’s reaction to watching the movie – and their utter elation as the recording of a baby scan comes up on the screen.


This is one of the most touching things you will ever see – and just check out how excited Bryan’s mum is to discover that she’s going to become a grandmother.


Check out the video below.