Christmas is not all fun and games for parents, and it can leave you feeling pretty emotional at times.


As you try to juggle work, shopping, pantomimes, the office party, carol services, Santa visits, baking, wrapping… the list just seems ENDLESS.


You never even thought that the only present your child asked for would be OUT of stock – EVERYWHERE!!


And as we approach the festive season, mums all over the country will be going through the following 10 emotions:


1. Smugness

The Santa lists have been written. You know exactly what you’re getting everyone.



2. Denial

It’ll be grand, sure I don’t have that many presents to buy.



3. Panic

WHAT do you mean there are NO Hatchimals left on the planet??



4. Determination

You will find the Hatchimal. 



5. Emotional exhaustion

You’ve lost count how many times you’ve been to the shops. Just one more trip should do it - right?!



6. Courage

You will carry on because you HAVE to. Christmas is for the kids after all. Off to the shops again.



7. Joy

You’ve got the last of the presents and you look around with excitement for someone to tell



8. Fear

The fear the kids will find the Santa presents; every time they enter your bedroom your heart jumps out of your mouth.



9. Relief

When every present is wrapped and carefully placed under the tree on Christmas Eve. Now you can sink onto the sofa for five minutes before the kids wake up.



10. Pride

Another successful Christmas in the bag.