With St Patrick’s Day fast approaching, we can’t help but feel a little festive.


And while it may not be the biggest holiday of the year, if your little one is due around this time, it is the perfect opportunity to choose a unique Irish name.


To give you a little help with your decision, we’ve put together a list of some truly gorgeous Irish baby names.





Aelish (Ay-lish) – meaning 'truth teller'


Erinach (Erin-ock) – meaning 'of the Irish'


Bláthnaid (Blaw-nid) – meaning 'little flower'


Gráinne (Graw-nya) – meaning 'love'


Cliodhna (Klee-uh-nah) – meaning 'shapely'


Deirdre (Dear-dra) – meaning 'fear of raging woman'


Ríonach (Ri-uh-knock) – meaning 'queenly'


Keavy (Kee-vy) – meaning 'graceful'


Saoirse (Seer-sha) – meaning 'freedom'


Meadhbh (Mayv) – meaning 'intoxicating one'





Dara (Dah-ra) – meaning 'compassion'


Eoghan (Oh-en) – meaning 'born of the yew tree'


Artán (Ar-tawn) – meaning 'warrior'


Bréanainn (Bray-nan) – meaning 'prince'


Cormac (Cor-muck) – meaning 'lad of the chariot'


Padraig (Paw-drig) – meaning 'noble'


Iarfhlaith (Ear-lah) – meaning 'lord of the west'


Kaelin (Kay-lin) – meaning 'rejoice'


Reilly (Rye-lee) – meaning 'descendant of a king'


Oisín (Uh-sheen) – meaning 'little dear'