Ferne McCann reveals she experienced a baby loss before her current pregnancy

Ferne McCann has revealed that she recently experienced a miscarriage.

The former star of The Only Way Is Essex is currently expecting a baby with her fiancé Lorri Haines. Ferne is already a mum to a five-year-old daughter named Sunday.

The 32-year-old chose to break the news of her previous miscarriage to her audience last night, during the latest episode of her reality show First Time Mum.

The series showcased Ferne and Lorri taking part in a couples therapy session, after the two of them began to feel stressed and overwhelmed.


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Speaking to the camera, the reality star decided to open up. "We found out that I was pregnant, we were so excited and it just felt like the right time to expand our family,” she explained.

In a therapy clip, Ferne continued by sharing the heartbreaking news of the couple’s loss. "And then, very early on, I, erm, we had a miscarriage as well.”

Ferne then went on to recall the moment she knew she was losing her baby. "When I was about five weeks, I started bleeding, and I desperately was scouring the internet because I didn't want to admit what I knew deep down was actually happening, and that was my body rejecting and letting go of this baby,” she admitted.


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"I was really upset but I think, Lorri, he found it really hard to comprehend,” she added.

Ferne’s fiancé Lorri also opened up during the therapy session. "The miscarriage hurt a lot, so that was another kick,” he said candidly.

"We were already dealing with so much and to have something that we wanted so bad to be taken away from us, it was heartbreaking,” the 31-year-old continued.


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Since experiencing their devastating loss, Ferne and Lorri have announced that they are expecting again. The couple confirmed the news of their pregnancy earlier this month, after rumours had been rife for weeks previously.

“We are having a baby @lozzahaines,” Ferne gushed at the time. “We have been bursting at the seams with happiness & so excited to officially share our lovely news with you.”

The couple are due to welcome their new bundle of joy this summer.