With hundreds of ‘fitness gurus’ on YouTube these days it’s hard to know who to subscribe and if it’s even worth it at all.


So we’ve broken it down to a list of four YouTube fitness channels we think you should try out.


1. Blogilates


Cassey Ho is the lady behind this channel which provides lively and entertaining workout videos.


The whole concept is to get fit while you have fun.


With over three million subscribers, this channel has hundreds of videos for all different levels, targeting all the different areas of the body.



2. Tone It Up


Hosted by Karena and Katrina possibly the most stunning people you will ever see.


The channel motto is “Share, love, inspire, sweat!” and that is definitely true to this channel.


With a huge social media following, this channel is based on the idea of the ‘perfect’ beach body.


Covering everything from yoga to stretching to a wedding fitness series this channel has been featured on the likes of Glamour magazine.



3. Fitness Blender


Husband and wife duo with over 25 years of experience bring hundreds of videos targeting all different levels.


Getting a lot of love for their stretching videos, this couple have some pretty tailored videos for those who get bored easily.


Three million people are already enjoying their videos and we think you will too.



4. Carly Rowena


Carly puts huge emphasis on body confidence and lifestyle as much as actual fitness.


This is great all-round channel if you’re looking for a friend on this journey as Carly invites us into all aspects of her life.


Her boyfriend, Leon is also part of huge fitness YouTube channel called The Lean Machines which is also a great channel to check out.



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