We have all heard how important it is to get our two litres of water in a day but what actually happens to our bodies if we don’t get enough h20 in.



1. You’ll have the munchies


There is scientific proof that drinking water affects your appetite.


We can often mistake thirstiness for hunger leading us down to dark and dangerous path of snacking.


It also slows your metabolism so you won’t even be able to break down those snacks.



2. You might be constipated


Yep, not enough water can cause you to become constipated so get those fluids in if you want to get the other stuff out.



3. You’ll get tired and won’t be able to concentrate


Dehydration actually causes our brains to shrink away from our skulls, pretty graphic.


But what that actually means is you’ll need more brain power and energy to get stuff done leaving you tired.



4. You’re skin becomes dry


Sounds obvious but water hydrates and plumps the skin so without you’ll be looking mummified in no time.



5. You’ll probably get headaches and mood swings


Poor circulation is a result of lack of hydration which encourages a lack of blood supply to the brain.


This means headaches and moodiness, it’s just not worth it.


So do yourself and everyone around a favour and drink up.



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