At five-years-old, most kids are enjoying the last of their summer holidays before heading back to school in the coming weeks.


But the same cannot be said for Omran Dagneesh, the five-year-old boy who has become the face of the devastation happening in Aleppo, Syria.


Little Omran was in a house in the Qaterji area when it was bombed by warplanes.


This area, which is held by rebels, has been the victim of many air strikes recently as government forces are fighting to regain control of the city.


The youngster was rescued from his home before being placed in the ambulance; despite being badly hit in the head he sits there calmly, and it is this calmness that makes the image all that more poignant. 



This photo of little Oman is now being used as an example of the daily threat families face in Aleppo.


“We can get numb seeing dead and injured children remotely day after day, but some pictures particularly get to the mom in me and this is one,” New York Times journalist Anne Barnard said on Facebook, as she shared the image of Omran.


“Many kids come in without any family member by their side. I hope his are alive and can come soon.”



The air strike is said to have injured three more children, two men and a woman.


This is just the latest example in a string of recent attacks in Aleppo as fighting continues between rebel groups and government and Russian forces.





Watch the shocking footage below.



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