Many new mums worry about the rigors of travel once they find out they are pregnant. Never fear, it is perfectly safe to travel for work, holiday or family visits during your first two trimesters.

However, if you have been designated as a high risk pregnancy then you probably should not fly at all. High risk pregnancies include anything that might increase your chance of miscarriage or preterm labour including sickle cell diseases, placenta problems, hypertension, and certain kinds of diabetes.
Also, there are precautions that need to be taken when you are pregnant and flying. This includes getting up and walking around every hour to improve circulation and avoid blood clots. Also drink lots of water to stay hydrated, wear comfortable clothing and avoid crossing your legs. Buckle your sit belt under your belly and do not be afraid to ask for a seat belt that is a bit bigger to accommodate your growing belly.
However, while it is safe and manageable to fly during the first two trimesters, most doctors and airlines give the no go once you get to your 36th week. In fact, many airlines will require a doctor’s certificate stating how far along you are if you even look like you may be in your last month of pregnancy. No one wants to risk you going into labour while in the air!