Gaz Beadle hits back at speculation as ex Emma McVey confirms new relationship

Gaz Beadle has spoken out against speculation that he is not on good terms with his former wife Emma McVey.

In November of last year, Geordie Shore star Gaz confirmed that the pair’s marriage had come to an end, two years after tying the knot.

The former couple have since continued to co-parent their two children - six-year-old Chester and four-year-old Primrose.


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Last week, Emma revealed that she is now in a new relationship, as she unveiled her news on social media.

The 31-year-old soon received claims that she had moved on “quick” from her marriage. Emma subsequently replied to one Instagram comment by writing: “Been separated 10 months lovely.”

Now, her former husband Gaz has come out in support of her new romance, and has confirmed they are still co-parenting well.


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Last night, the dad-of-two took to his Instagram stories to post a statement, which Emma also re-shared on her own account.

“We hate the fact we have to justify ourselves but when there’s so much speculation on our lives that isn’t true we have to,” Gaz began.

“Me and Emma are better than we have ever been, we speak daily and are really good friends. Our marriage broke down a long time before we publicly announced we were separating, and it’s taken a lot to get to where we are now but we are both happy and happy for each other,” the 36-year-old wrote.


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“Our main focus through it all has been the kids, and we’ve done everything to make sure their lives stay settled and happy. Both of us are in new relationships and we all get along well, and we can say we are so proud of ourselves to be able to all stay as one team,” Gaz concluded.

Gaz initially announced in November that his marriage had ended “about 3 weeks ago”.

“There is no bad blood or anything and we have worked out the best way of doing it for the kids, which for me and Emma is always gunna be the most important thing,” he penned.