No matter how much you may love someone, it doesn't mean you won't ever hit a rough patch in your relationship. While you may find things tough at the minute – it won’t last and having your children’s best interest at heart should always be your priority.
To help you get through a bit of a bad patch, these steps might help:
Don’t just push it under the carpet
If you are having problems, pushing it under the carpet or trying to ignore it won’t make it go away. You need to acknowledge it and accept it for what it is. As soon as you accept that something is wrong the better for both of you.
Be mindful of the kids
Whether you end up working it out with your partner or not, you should always be mindful of how you behave in front of the kids. Try to avoid arguing or belittling each other in front of your little ones and keep their routine as normal as possible. Remember, this is about you and your partner not your children.
Accept your own faults
Don’t simply put all the blame on one person - accept your own faults for what they are. Neither of you are innocent in this – a relationship involves two parties, but once you realise that both of you need to make the effort the better. Ask yourself what you want from your relationship and what you think is going wrong. 
Talk about it
Talk about problems before they get out of hand. Again, ignoring it in the hope that it will go away never works. Schedule in time when neither of you are rushing off, preferably when the kids aren’t around – after you have put them to bed is usually the best time. Give each person time to voice their concerns and grievances so that both of you will be heard. You may not sort it in the first, second or even third night of talks but keep at it – if you both want it to work try as hard as you can.
Seek help from a professional
If you are still struggling and feel you would benefit from professional help then get it. But make sure both parties agree to it - you need to work as a team.