Children’s charity Barnardos have released a hard-hitting video which shows what life is like for kids who live with domestic violence.


The two minute animation shows just how it affects boys and girls differently, with boys more likely to echo the abuser and girls more likely to suffer anxiety and bed wetting.



Sadly, as the video highlights, children who witness domestic abuse often blame themselves and can feel torn and trapped between loyalty for both parents.


Children growing up in a violent atmosphere are also likely to be violent themselves as they start to think of it as normal behaviour.



"Sadly, every day Barnardos sees the huge impact this has,” Fergus Finlay CEO Barnardos said.


“Living in an abusive environment leaves a massive emotional scar on a child and often results in deep anxiety or aggressive outbursts, never mind the impact on their health, schooling, peer relationships and other developmental aspects.


“It is, simply, a form of child abuse.”


The children’s charity are calling for greater protection for child victims of domestic abuse.