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Have you any tips for stylish summery nails?

When the weather heats up, it’s time to opt for soft, pretty shades on our nails and to get rid of the dark vampy colours we’ve been wearing in colder weather.
Summer shades are fun and fresh and range from gentle pastels to bright neon, citrus orange, girlish pinks, light blues and everything in between. If you still have a soft spot for deeper reds and grey colours, try and opt for lighter shades that you might usually wear. Also, as the summer approaches, don’t forget about your feet, paint those nails too and get them out in sandals.
The summer season is all about bright and vibrant colours. Here we provide a brief breakdown of some shades to consider as your summer signature shade!
Creamy pink never goes out of style. It is a great colour for summer and no matter what your skin tone, there will always be a pink that suits. Pink is always feminine and sensitive.
Blue nail polish is fun and edgy. Blue is a nail colour that was popular in summer 2012. Whether it will be a winner this summer remains to be seen. Nail art goes well with bright blue nail polish.

As summer approaches, lilac nails are reminiscent of flowers. A light lilac shade can complement a bright and flowery summer outfit.
Metallic gold
Shimmering golden nails are always glamorous and stylish and look great in evenings. They can dress up a more casual outfit.
Neon green
This is a very fashionable choice and worn well with clothes that are navy or black.
Neon colours
Neon pinks, oranges and light pink can add a touch of femininity to your hands and overall look.
Shine bright like a diamond with silver nail polish. This is a brave colour and goes great with nail art on longer nails.
Red is always a reliable choice. It is beautiful and bold and a classic colour choice. To create stylish nails for spring, branch out of your comfort zone and try different shades of red.
Grey is a soft, modern colour for your nails and one that goes well with bright summery clothes.
The colours for this summer are bright and glamorous. Try and test lots of different types if you dare! If not however, there is always the option to go for the classic French manicure. The French manicure look is not just limited to summer season.

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