If your teen is sitting their exams this summer it is important they eat a good, healthy diet to ensure they are able to perform at their very best - something that you can be in charge of.


During the next few stressful weeks, you will need to keep a close eye on your child to check they aren't relying on sweets and junk food to get them through the exams - something that is so easily done. 


To ensure your teen is able to tackle every paper to the best of their ability, follow these five food rules: 


1. Skip the three-meal a day mentality

Instead of giving your teenager a big breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should give them six smaller meals to avoid them feeling sluggish or tired – not exactly ideal when trying to study.


2. Up their fruit and vegetable intake

Make sure your son or daughter eats plenty of fruit, especially blueberries and blackcurrants - both of which are good for your brain. Broccoli, sweet potatoes and spinach are good vegetables to add to their dinner as they are high in vitamins.



3. Drink plenty of water

Being dehydrated is not going to help your teen concentrate so make sure they drink plenty of water. Fruit juice and milk are good alternatives if they’re not fans of water, and make sure they reduce their caffeine intake.


4. Don’t skimp on brain-boosting foods

Your child will need to eat plenty of brain-rich food to ensure it is in tip top condition for all that learning. Foods like eggs, cheese, nuts, prunes, fish and sunflower/ flax seeds are ideal for keeping them alert so make sure your cupboard is stocked up.


5. Bring snack bars for between exams

The last thing a student is going to want to do between exams is eat a big lunch that will make them feel groggy and sluggish. As well as giving them fruit to munch on, granola or protein bars will help them stay focused during the exam.


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