Plenty of people feel nervous about talking in front of a group of people. Some feel that they will get laughed at, or make a mistake in front of an audience.
When worry and stress about performing in front of others becomes overwhelming, this will cause people to feel cold or sweaty.
However, the “stress hormones” that the body produces during these times, like adrenaline, can actually help your little one focus.
Reassure your nervous tween with the following tips:
Psych your tween up. Before your tween’s performance, give him or a pep talk so that they will feel more at ease. Confidence helps combat stress hormones, so if they think “I can do this” they will perform much better.
Preparation. One of the things your tween will need to remember is that preparation is key when it comes to doing well. People are less likely to freeze up once they’re well prepared. They should rehearse as much as they can in front of as many people as they can.
Discover ways to chill. Some people need to be active to relax, while others simply need to feel calm. There is no definite way of knowing which will work for your tween until he or she explores what works best. This could be yoga, breathing exercises, slow music or going through a family photo album.
Look after your tween. Between practices and rehearsals, it can be easy for stressed tweens to let themselves go a little. However, they will look and feel their absolute best if they get enough sleep and healthy meals before the performance. Exercise can also help your tween feel good, along with sleep and a good nutrition, your tweens stress hormones will be under control.
Attitude is everything, so remind your little one to stay positive because whether they say they ”can” or say they “can’t,” either way, they’re right.