Kids today are so tech savvy that very often they seem to know more about computers, phones and games than their parents do.  It has become increasingly common for homes to have a tablet device and at least one smart phone so children have more and more access to apps, many of which contain hidden costs. So, how do mums know which apps are suitable and which are not? Here are some handy tips to keep in mind before allowing your child to download a game on any device:
Use trusted sites:
When downloading apps from a mobile phone or device, it is important that you only download from a trusted source. Read reviews by other users and check that the games are suitable for children and contain no hidden costs.
Review first before allowing your kids to access it:
When your child is pestering you to download a certain app, it can be hard to say no and usually there is no harm. However, should you agree it is important that you test the app first yourself to make sure that it is suitable and once you are satisfied, sit with your child and watch him while he plays it for the first time.
Download a parental control app:
If you are concerned that your child may be able to access adult content while using an app then download a free parental control app such as KidsPlace (android) or AVG Family safety for iPhone. These apps are useful tools which will transform your phone or tablet into child-friendly environment by blocking any adult content and by preventing your child from downloading any unnecessary material such as apps or in-app purchases.  These apps can also block your child from making outgoing calls.