Sadly, for many girls period pain is an unfortunate part of life. Most women will experience some form of discomfort during their periods at one time or another. Most girls won’t experience any period pain for the first year or two, but some will have pain right from the start. In the majority of cases, painful periods are not caused by any underlying disorder, particularly in the younger years.The most common type of period pain is caused by a hormone called prostaglandins which causes the uterus to contract. The pain normally lasts for the first day or two of the period. Cramps are often felt in the lower abdomen and lower back.
Explaining what is happening may help your daughter to understand why she’s getting period pain. Women who experience heavy periods are more likely to suffer from period pain as their body tries to expel the flow and un-dissolved blood clots.
Ways to reduce period pain
If your daughter is experiencing period pain, there are lots of simple home remedies that can help:
  • A hot water bottle placed on the abdomen or back
  • A warm or hot bath
  • A warm drink, such as peppermint tea
  • Some gentle exercise such as walking or stretching
If these remedies don’t help, over the counter pain relievers are available such as Paracetemol. Anti-inflammatory medications will work the best as they stop prostaglandins from being produced. These include drugs like Ibuprofen and Voltaren.Some women swear by alternative or natural treatments for period pain such as acupuncture or evening primrose oil.
If your daughter is still suffering from period pain, take her to your GP to be checked. The contraceptive pill can be prescribed for women who suffer from particularly bad pain. If it comes on suddenly you should see a GP to rule out any underlying conditions.