Household chores are never fun but it can become even more difficult when it comes to getting your tween to help out with some. As much you don’t want to nag your tween into doing chores, you need to remember that they are now the right age to handle majority of the jobs around the house. This will not only make life easier for you, but it will also teach your child some important skills that they will need to know in the future.
Test run
It’s best not to give your tween a load of chores at once, as they probably have little experience with household work. This is especially important, if they already have a poor impression when it comes to house jobs: a bad experience will only worsen it. Show him or her how some of the jobs are tackled and ask if they have any questions. Once they’ve come to grasps with the job at hand, give them a little space to figure out the rest their own way.
Chore chart
Once your tween knows how to manage their own chores, it’s time to organise a schedule with your child. Depending on how many tweens you have ensure that all chores are handed out equally and that each child has a chore daily. Chores can vary but you as a parent can decide what best suits your child and what will not affect their other schedules.
Keeping your tween motivated
While guiding your tween when it comes to household chores is all well and good, ensuring your tween actually completes their tasks, is another thing altogether. Consistency and a routine is usually the best way to ensure that your tween’s household chores get done. There is nothing wrong with gently reminding your tween about their chores and some motivation can also help as well. Sometimes it can help to have a reward system in place for your tween and some parents use a weekly allowance as this. A weekly allowance not only gives your tween some responsibility on learning how to handle their finances, but it also gives your tween something to work for.
If you work with your tween on what jobs they have to do, it can not only make life easier for you at home but it will also teach your tween responsibility as well.