A divorce in a family could be a turning point for many children. Whether it happens when a child is young or when they grow older, divorce is something that can leave a scar on your child’s heart.
It may not seem possible at the start, but eventually your little one will be able to cope with divorce. They firstly need to understand why exactly you and your spouse have decided to go your separate ways.
A lot of the time children go through feelings of guilt and resort to blaming themselves for breaking up the family. That’s why it’s important to remind your child that they are not the reason for divorce. Reassure your children that the divorce had nothing to do with them and they are not to blame.
Parents should also try to prepare their child for what’s to come. In some cases, children will have to travel up and down to see either parent. This won’t be easy for them so try to make these trips as comfortable as possible.
Dealing with divorce is much easier when both parents are on the same page. If you are constantly fighting in front of your kids, they can become bitter about relationships and marriage later on in life.
No matter what the issue is, try to handle visiting arrangements as civil as possible.
·         Be fair and make sure your child gets to see both parents. If a child sees too much of one parent, they might begin to start ‘taking sides’
·         Keep in touch with your little one when they are away and make sure they arrived safely
·         Stay positive and assure your child that they can find love. Only because it didn’t work out for you and your spouse, that doesn’t mean your child will go                      through the same thing