When we fail at one thing it can be hard to pick up and keep going. And as we fill our heads with feelings of self-doubt it can be a struggle to think that we are good enough for anything.


However, if your mind is racing with negative thoughts, remember the following things:


1. Nothing happens overnight

Everything takes time and it is rare that things come together on the first try.


2. Everything will come together eventually.

If you really want it, know that, eventually, it will come together.


3. Failure is a lesson learned

Whenever we fail, we learn a lesson that helps us not fail at it again.



4. You are not the only one who has failed

It is easy to put ourselves down when we have done something wrong, but know that you are not alone.


5. You have other talents

Now is the time to remember your other talents that you have – and don’t tell yourself you don’t have any.


6. You have the power to change

If you can’t do something because of a lack of skill or knowledge, remember, you have the power to change this.