A selfless mum endured a miscarriage for ten days while on holidays because she didn’t want to ruin the trip for her children.


Debbie King, who is married to X-Factor star Jonathan Ansell of G4, was ten weeks pregnant when the family went on holidays to Lanzarote with their two young children, Siena, aged six, and Dexter, aged two.


Sadly, 40-year-old Debbie had a miscarriage just three days into the family trip.


Debbie needed to have a dilation and curettage (D&C) but was reluctant to undergo the operation in Spain. However, she didn’t want to cut the trip short and ruin her children’s holiday either.


The brave mum told The Mirror: “I put on a brave face,” she said. “We hadn’t told anyone about the pregnancy. It was really hard and there were moments when I was very sad but I didn't want to spoil the holiday for the kids.



“I spoke to my gynaecologist back in the UK who said it was safe to wait until I got home.”


Debbie experienced bleeding while on holiday and went to a local doctor for an ultrasound.


She explained: “The doctor scanned me and said that he could see a heartbeat, but it was very slow and the foetus wasn't moving. He wanted me to go to the bigger hospital in the capital Arrecife.


“We got there and had a scan but unfortunately after a few minutes, the doctor said there was no heartbeat.


“Jonathan wanted me to have it when we were there, but I just had this awful feeling about having an operation away from home.



On her return home, Debbie almost bled to death from a rare pregnancy complication.


Debbie suffered from placenta percreta, a rare condition which caused the placenta grew through her uterus onto her C-section scar.


Once doctors removed the foetus, Debbie began to bleed uncontrollably and needed three rounds of emergency surgery to save her life.


She said: “Jonathan was waiting outside and the nurse just kept coming in and out to get more blood. Essentially, every drop of blood in my body was replaced.


“I was in a coma but, though I couldn’t move or speak, I knew what was going on. The doctors told me it can happen but it's quite rare.



“It was the most frightening moment of my life because I didn't know if I was ever going to come out of it. I just wanted to speak but I couldn’t”.


Thankfully, Debbie is now recovering from her awful ordeal.


Our hearts go out to her – she has been through a terrible time.