Inducing labour is the process where your doctor will jumpstart labour for you. There are many different reasons why you may need to induce labour. This process is quite common today and uses medication to begin having contractions.
One of the big reasons for induced labour today is if your baby is a more than a week past the due date. Due to the risks associated with going too long over your due date, if ten days have past then your doctor will probably schedule for you to come in and be induced.
Another reason to be induced is if your water breaks, but your labour is being slow about getting started. Once the water breaks there is an increased risk of infection for your baby and, unless your baby is preterm, you will be induced to help get labour going.
Another reason to be induced is if there are concerns regarding your baby’s welfare. If there is a risk posed to your baby, but a C-section is still too extreme, then your doctor may induce. Women who develop preeclampsia and must give birth in order to treat it are induced.
Occasionally, a doctor may even let you schedule your delivery through being induced. If you are within 10 days of your due date, then talk to your doctor about the possibiliy of scheduling your childbirth.