This was a stunt guaranteed to land any husband in the dog house.


Reddit user Wolpfack decided to fill out a 'spousal performance review' for his wife and rate her on a wide range of skills.


His excuse?


"She said we need to run our house more like a business." 


The evaluation looked at things like his wife's productivity, enthusiasm and initiative and rated them from poor to excellant.


Although his wife's overall results were 'good', she failed to impress in three areas: technical skills, cooperation and punctuality.


However, she made up for that loss with excelling in both creativity and meal preparation.


She Said We Need To Run Our House More Like A Business. . . from funny


On initial inspection, we wondered how this husband got away with his review but it looks like this is an annual event as the report dates the last review in June 2015.


And Wolpfack is already looking to next year's review as he makes a note to 'use additional sheets as necessary'.


Posting the evaluation on Reddit, this husband has received nearly 300 comments since posting it just three days ago.


One user knew that you never insult a woman's cooking.



While another feels that compliment will fall on deaf ears after this review.



One user wanted others to implement the 'spousel performance report' in their relationships.



Thankfully, one wife stepped in to tell it like it is.



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