Intimate gender reveal ideas for couples that don’t want a big party

Gender reveals have become very popular over the last number of years. Throwing a lavish party surrounded by friends and family is becoming the norm before parents welcome their little ones into the world. 

If you don’t love the idea of standing in front of a crowd of people and popping a balloon or setting off a confetti cannon to see if blue or pink comes billowing out, we’ve thought of ideas for a more intimate gender reveal, just between the parents-to-be. 

Whether you’re too overwhelmed and tired from your pregnancy,  don’t love being the centre of attention, or just want to mark the special moment alone with your partner, we think you’ll love these cute ways to discover the sex of your bundle of joy. 

The best way to carry out these intimate gender reveals is to have your midwife write down the gender on a piece of paper and get them to put it in a sealed envelope. You’ll give the envelope to a trusted friend or family member so they can organise the reveal for you and your partner. 


Small businesses create all kinds of gender reveal candles that are white on the outside but will burn away to reveal either pink or blue wax. Both of you can sit and relax as you watch the wax burn away slowly. Make sure to set up a camera to catch the sweet moment on tape.

Scratch card

Gender reveal scratch cards are a fun way to find out quickly what you’re having. Your trusted friend can order these gender reveal scratch cards online and select either girl or boy. Once you and your partner scratch at the card, your bundle of joy’s sex will be revealed.

Bath bomb

Similar to the candle, small business and Etsy sellers create wonderfully unique gender reveal bits and bobs, including bath bombs. These bath bombs are white on the outside but will fizz away to either pink or blue once left in water.


Gender reveal cakes are a classic at this point so if you still want to stick to that gender reveal tradition, cut a slice of cake together or tuck into a cupcake to reveal the pink or blue sponge inside. Put together a little picnic for yourselves and head to your local park or a quiet beach to capture the moment in a picturesque location. 


A great option if you want to get professional photos taken at the same time as your gender reveal. Have your pal who knows the sex of your baby put either pink or blue flower petals or streamers in the inside of the open umbrella. They need to carefully close it and give it to mum or dad to hold above their heads before they open it and a flurry of pink or blue will fall on top of them.