Having an appreciation for money and where it comes from is an aspect that many tweens and even teenagers can’t grasp until much later in life. However, with laptops and smartphones readily available, one of the best and easiest ways to teach your child how to handle their money is by downloading one of these five apps.
Suitable for both an iPhone and iPad, this free app allows your child to track their finances and develop money management skills. It has an appealing appearance and is easy to use.
With this app, under 18’s will be able to shop and save on their phone and will also learn about their money, with opportunities for them to plan their future spends.
Another free app, this will help your tween track spending, plan a fixed budget, and look at their overall transactions. Users can log expenses, choose to track incomings and outgoings weekly, monthly or yearly and can even spot where they are spending most of their allowance.
Not only can you learn about economics and finance, with this app your tween can learn anything from maths to science to humanities to computer programming.
A little more advanced, this app will help your child organise their transactions, create budgets and track spending.