Irish Brand Chia Active launch in stores nationwide

Chia Active, a new and innovative chia seed product range is now available in health food stores, selected pharmacies and speciality shops nationwide. The range including Chia Active + and Chia Active Immune Support are unique, first of its kind complex blends which help to boost the body’s daily nutrition.

Chia is often referred to as ‘the ultimate superfood’ and Chia Active’s two new products can be easily added into the daily routine to benefit the entire body from gut to heart health, including immune and nervous system support.

Sourcing the finest quality chia, Chia Active has created a new range of super nutritional chia products combined with only the finest food-based ingredients, with no sugars, or sweeteners or flavours or artificial sweeteners added. Unlike many other chia products, Chia Active is a great source of vitamin D, vital for the function of the immune system. Containing a unique complex balanced food blend. Chia Active + contains 30 active ingredients, more than any other chia products or similar currently on the market. The new range from Chia Active contain all the benefits of chia and more such as helping to support immune system, heart and joint health, increase energy, cell protection and more.

An easy way to increase your vitamin D intake plus other vital vitamins and minerals, Chia Active can simply be added to your favourite breakfast, drink, lunch, dinner or snack. Available now in health food stores, selected pharmacies and speciality shops nationwide, the Chia Active range includes:

Chia Active+ - RRP - €29.95 (400g)

Chia Active + is a unique first of its kind complex balanced food blend of 30 active ingredients including Omega 3, Fibre, CoQ10, Arginine, Taurine, Thiamine (B1), Vitamin D, C, B6, Protein and more. Chia Active+ also contains 10 essential amino acids, which helps support the immune system, heart and joint health, increase energy, cell division and protection from oxidative stress.

With no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, flavours or stevia, Chia Active+ is a mega super food packed with natural benefits for the entire body.

Chia Active Immune Support with Vitamin D and Zinc - RRP - € 9.99 (400g)

With no sugars, sweeteners or artificial flavours added, boost your daily nutrition with Chia Active Immune Support with Vitamin D and Zinc, by simply adding to your favourite meal or drinks and enjoy a varied, balanced diet for an active lifestyle and good health.


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A first to include 17 active ingredients including, Omega 3, Vitamin D, Zinc, Fibre, Thiamine, Iron, Magnesium, Selenium. With 10 essential amino acids and others, Chia Active Immune Support with Vitamin D and Zinc to support the immune and nervous system, heart health, energy and more.

Speaking about the launch, Founder of Chia Active, Ray Owens said, “I’m delighted to bring a new innovative product to the Irish market in the form of Chia Active. The health benefits of using Chia seeds daily are well known. Having been the first to bring chia seeds to Ireland and Europe in 2008, we felt there were a couple of things missing…Over the last few years we’ve looked at what the consumer really needs, one being vitamin D which is becoming a key vitamin that everyone should be consuming for a healthy immune system, Chia Active includes this and all the benefits of a mega superfood with its unique first of its kind complex blend ”.

Chia Active products are available in health foods stores, selected pharmacies, speciality shops and