Irish disco organisers have angered teenagers this week, after banning female attendees from wearing short and ‘plunging’ dresses.


The team behind the Fusion Ball in Kilkenny took to their Facebook page to lament the ‘deplorable’ outfits of the previous event, and set rules in place for the forthcoming mid-term ball.


“Due to the deplorable dresses at the last ball, it is necessary to fully enforce a knee-length dress with NO PLUNGING NECKLINE dress code for the mid-term ball,” the post read.



It was accompanied by a collage photo of models wearing a range of dresses featuring the popular plunging neck detail outlined in the announcement.


Management added: “Any of the following dresses, or any dresses similar to the following will NOT be accepted on the night. Keep it neat and discreet, ladies.”


Needless to say, teens were outraged by the message, with many branding it ‘sexist’.


“I personally think this is very sexist against women…This is 2017, not the 1950's. Women are not sexual objects. You can’t treat us like that by telling us what to hide because you’re uncomfortable seeing us wearing a dress that shows skin!” wrote one follower.



Others, meanwhile, have decided to boycott the event – young men included!


The post did garner some support however, with one person chiming in: “Yes, I agree. Some young girls wear as little as possible going out. Where are their parents to give advice to their little daughters?”


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