As a child gets closer to being a teenager, reading can be forgotten in favour of more exciting activities. Most children will prefer to spend their free time watching their favourite TV shows or browsing the internet rather than get stuck into a new novel. However, there are lots of ways that parents can encourage their children to stay interested in reading.
Start early
It won’t come as any surprise to parents that studies show that it is extremely important to encourage reading as early as possible in your child’s life. Parents who give their children the gift of reading from an early age are giving them a beneficial head start in their education.
Make it fun again
There is often a decrease in reading interest for many children at around age 9. This is because at around this age children will become increasingly involved in extracurricular activities like team sports, video games and computer time. The tween years are the perfect time for parents to try to put the fun back in reading.
How to make it fun again:
If your tween watches a movie based on a book (for example, Harry Potter), have her read the book.
If he is interested in rugby, have him read a biography about sports.
Help fit reading into their schedule. Kids often say they would read more if they had the time.
Let your children see you enjoying your reading time.
Let them decide what they want to read. When you and your child are out together, visit your local bookshop or library. A gift certificate or subscription is also a great way to encourage a love of reading.
Help your child look for books that deal with topics he is interested in such as sports, hobbies, history or music.
Read reviews of the latest, most popular titles and encourage your child to do the same.