Lone parents, large families and foreign nationals are most vulnerable to homelessness, according to a new study.


The groups are most a risk to face homelessness in Dublin based on research conducted by Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DHRE). 


DHRE gathered their information between 2016 and 2017.


The data was collected by looking at the people behind the homelessness statistics.



The findings showed that the majority of homeless families have one or two children.


The average age of an adult who is homeless is 32.


That figure is just seven years of age for a homeless child, according to the research. 


The study showed one-third of families who experience homelessness are non-Irish, and two-thirds are lone parents. 



Relationship breakdowns and being forced to leave rented accommodation was cited by Dr Bernie Donoghue Hynes as two of the primary reasons families become homeless.


The DHRE's Director of Research added that the study shows homelessness is complexed.


Dr Donoghue concluded that in order to tackle it, a number of agencies need to be established. 



Chair of Dublin City Council’s Housing Committee, Cllr Daithi Doolan said the results of the study, show the "truth" behind homelessness.


"I think it really paints a picture about the truth around homelessness, " he said.


"It's not about people gaming the system, it's not about young mothers trying to get one up on other people."


"This report is based on fact and it clearly shows we need to tailor our services to meet the needs of people, where lone parents, large parents and non-Irish families are hugely over-represented in our homelessness services."