Lauren Goodger signs off social media as she admits she is ‘running on empty’

Lauren Goodger has revealed that she will be taking a break from social media, as she admits that she feels she is “running on empty”.

The Only Way Is Essex star has had a difficult few years, following the tragic death of her second child, Lorena. 

Lauren, who is also a mum to her two-year-old firstborn Larose, sadly lost Lorena shortly after she was born in July 2022, due to post-birth complications.

Now, as she continues to grieve her baby daughter, Lauren has shared that she has been struggling with her mental health recently.

Last night, the 37-year-old took to her Instagram stories to unveil two snaps of injuries she has sustained. In the main photo, Lauren showcased her arm and hand as being badly bruised and scratched.

“Today I had a horrible accident, got 7 wounds on my body,” Lauren confirmed, before going on to detail what happened. 

Credit: Lauren Goodger Instagram

“I fell over in a main road really badly. Luckily the cars stopped and I sat in the road while strangers come to help me (thank you),” she explained.

“I’m not a clumsy person at all but my mental health this week after a few things have been brought to me that I can’t understand and I’ve been up most days at 4am running on empty…” the reality star confessed.

Lauren then went on to announce that she will be taking a temporary break from social media.

“I’m going to be taking a social media break as life at the moment is very hard… I’m a healing and grieving mother and I will never understand some things in life…” she wrote.

“While trying to be a good person to all and the best mum I can and work and run a home and provide and be strong, we are only human and I feel that right now I have to come off my social media,” she continued.

To conclude her update, Lauren penned: “Hope everyone understands and I’ll be back… posts are scheduled that will be posted but I’m not active.”